Symptoms Of Jaundice

Jaundice a liver disease described by the yellow color of skin and eyes. The main sign of jaundice is yellow discoloration of the skin & of the whites of the eyes but there are other symptoms associated with jaundice.

Most common symptoms are listed below and they develop suddenly or they may appear overtime:

  • Patient with jaundice suffer skin itching and skin rashes.
  • Most of patients are finding their stools pale or clay-colored because of increase in bile in body
  • Patient may feel flu, high fever and chills.
  • Along with yellow coloring of skin and whitens of eyes patient will find yellow discoloring inside the mouth.

Jaundice may cause many other symptoms listed below.

  • Patient may feel nausea and vomiting especially in morning and after meals.
  • Abdominal pain is very common among patients with jaundice.
  • Patient with jaundice lose weight quickly.
  • Patient feels Delirium or confusion especially when they feel physically tired.
  • Patient with Hepatitis feel loss of appetite and headaches overtime.
  • Clear but bark brown urine is another sign of jaundice.

If you found any of these above symptoms and are same you are experiencing then consult doctor for getting treatment. You can also take a jaundice quiz in which you can find chances of jaundice.

Jaundice symptoms in new born.

Symptoms of jaundice in newborn may appear after a week and may last for few months. You can identify jaundice in your baby if you found-
  • Your baby’s skin and whitens of eyes yellow.
  • Yellow color inside mouth and palms of hands.
  • Your baby can’t suck well or poor feeding
  • Your baby can’t sleep
  • Baby’s urine dark and yellow
  • Baby’s stools look pale in color.
  • Feeling fatigue or lack of energy.
  • muscle tension ( Baby can’t relax )
  • Baby doesn’t cry smoothly.
We have programmed an online jaundice test in which you will find whether you have chances of jaundice or not. In this test we have listed all signs of jaundice and if you have given positive responses to each question then you are suffering from jaundice. This test is only for adults and not for newborns. Please note that this test is for entertainment purpose and not for diagnosis. 

1. You may have yellowing of mucous membranes in the mouth and nose.

2. Are you finding your stools pale in colour.

3. Are you finding your urine dark in colour.

4. You are feeling fever and chills.

5. Feeling stomach pain.

6. From past few weeks have you lost or gained weight.

7. Are you alcoholic?

8. Your skin and the whites of your eyes becomes yellow often.

9. Feeling nausea & vomiting.

10. Itching of skin