Love Calculator

The love calculator is a tool in which you get prediction of love between you and your partner. Here we have programed one for you and it will accurately let you know whether you have chances of becoming soul mates or not. We have used a new formula to calculate your love chances and it doesn’t depends on the words and rhythms. You have to enter full names and click calculate button and you will find your results immediately.
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How Love Calculator Works?

Love calculator is a online measuring of love between two person whether they are male, female or gay. This tool predicts the love chances by name and depends upon a unique algorithm.  Every love calculator is programed differently so is ours. This calculator scans the two names and search for capability between you and your partner. If you got 50% above  then chances of love is good and if below then chances are low. Please note that this is prediction and we do not guarantee accuracy of results. We are not storing your results and no one can access your results and reports. You will get your report in a simple format and we respect your privacy.