Dyslexia Test

Online Dyslexia Disorder Checker A unique online tool is here to scan your psychological, behavior and cognitive health and can reveal whether you are suffering from dyslexia disorder. This test depends upon 10 most common dyslexia symptoms and it tells how many symptoms you have.  A good psychologist uses many exams to reveal whether a child or adult is suffering from dyslexia or other psychological disorder but here you have to simply answer 20 questions and you will get your report in seconds.

1. I occasionally get puzzled, when looking in a mirror, as to which is my right and left.

2. In school i preferred (or prefer):

3. If i had to choose, i would rather be:

4. I have some characteristics in which i feel definitely superior to most people

5. When i get upset, i try hard to hide my feeling from others

6. Which of the following fractions is not in the same class as the others?

7. AB is to dc as SR is to

8. I often suffer from dizziness, headaches or stomach aches while reading


While reading or writing i see non-existent movements


10. I often hide my thoughts because i feel i can’t express them well

11. I get so annoyed & distracted by every little or background noise

12. I can’t forget faces and locations but forget information that i have not experienced.

13. Do you generally get lost in day dreaming?

14. Do you feel the taunt at your talks?


I have difficulty concentrating at a certain object?


16. Do you generally have the feeling of urination of latrine when you have to undertake some important work?

17. When speaking or discussions do you leave sentences incomplete as you feel you already said it.


I had a good sense of direction north, south, east, or west when in a strange place.


19. I prefer to read impotent email or message with high zooming level.

20. Do you get disturbed even by the imaginary sadness?

Why You Need To Take Dyslexia Test? Dyslexia is a learning disorder in which person can’t read a piece of paragraph well. A child with dyslexia can’t recognize words and letters and can’t use them. People with dyslexia may have high IQ but they do not prefer reading and writing because of problems understanding. There are several signs and symptoms of dyslexia and they are related to one’s mental and cognitive health. So if you think you have difficulty understanding, can’t read or write and can’t concentrate then You should take this dyslexia test. Please note that this test is not diagnosis and if you got high points then consult a psychologist. How Does The Dyslexia Test Works Everyone can use this test and this test scans your lifestyle and reveals whether a you have chances of dyslexia disorder or not. This test depends on the ten common symptoms of dyslexia and we use a unique way to identify whether you have such symptom and if found then every symptom has its own preference. The test consists of 20 questions related to your mental and physical health and are very easy to answer. If you answered honestly then you will get correct dyslexia report. What To Do If i Got High Points? If you have got high points like 25 out of 41 then you will be declared as dyslexia patient and if below then we will suggest how many chances of dyslexia you have. Patients with dyslexia can get treatment very easily by a educational counselor or a psychologist.