Anxiety Test

If you want to know whether your anxiety level is high or low then below is a very popular anxiety test. You have to answer 25 questions and you will get complete report from us within seconds. Let us check you anxiety disorder.

1. Once in a while i have a sense of vague danger or sudden dread for reasons that i don’t understand.

2. I occasionally get puzzled, when looking in a mirror, as to which is my right and left.

3. When talking, i like:

4. I sometimes can’t get to sleep because an idea keeps running through my mind:

5. Do you always get yourself busy in some work or other just to forget your problems?

6. Do you want run away to some distant place having got tired of your problems?

7. Do you think that you have committed certain error because of which you are very restless?

8. Are you afraid of going to high places?

9. Do you generally get last in yourself?

10. I get slightly embarrassed if i suddenly become the of attention in a social group:

11. Do you generally feel suffocation of fear?

12. Do you become very sad by the contradiction of your statement?

13. DO you feel that your life is dark?

14. Do you have the fear of being unsuccessful even after thorough preparations?

15. Do you generally feel so that you going to lose everything?

16. I sometimes doubt whether people i am talking to are really intrested in what i am saying

17. When i get upset, i try hard to hide my feeling from others

18. I am always able to keep the expression of my feelings under exact control

19. I sometimes make foolish remarks in fun just to surprise people and see what they will say

20. Do you generally feel that you are helpless?

21. Do you very much confused under such conditions in which you have earlier encountered great loss?

22. Do you think that life is full of despair?

23. Do you generally think over the past events?

24. Do you get touched even by short time waiting?

25. Do you think yourself to be more unfortunate than others?

26. Do you feel the taunt at your talks?

27. Do you think that death might have been some how better?

Anxiety disorder is a very common psychological disorder. Anxiety is a natural response to unreal dread thoughts but when someone becomes cope less it makes ones life miserable. It is normal to worry for a real subject but when we feel like worrying without any real threat, we are then eligible to take anxiety test.

There are various anxiety tests available but every test is programmed differently so is ours. This anxiety test is designed to check you anxiety level so don’t view it as diagnosis. In this test you have 25 questions and if you provided responses correctly then you will get correct report.

How the Anxiety Test Works:

We have programmed this test for every one patient, normal as well as for experts. It is designed to provide you helpful report which you can use to make further designs to maintain your mental health. This anxiety test consists of 25 questions which are related to human behavior and your daily habits. Every question has positive and negative responses and every responses have its own points. Positive response will indicate you agree with the question and it means if you provided positive response then our test will calculate and add high points.

After submission of anxiety test your responses will be sent to calculation and it takes only few seconds. You will get a helpful report from us and you can save it for further evaluation.

Understanding the results:

Anxiety test is using psychological formula to get a full report about your anxiety and will provide some suggestions but you should not use it as a diagnosis. If you found very high anxiety level then it is time to consult a psychiatrist without asking questions here.

  • A very high anxiety level means you are suffering from anxiety and you need to talk with a doctor.
  • A very low anxiety level means you are normal and every human being sometimes suffers anxiety.
  • Medium anxiety level means you have some symptoms of anxiety and they can interfere with your life soon so prepare your mind to cope or get help.
  • Please note that we are not collecting any information from your test neither we are saving your reports in our psychology database so use it as you want. We have also found that some people take anxiety report seriously but truth is no one can diagnose psychological disorder with out professional help.

    Anxiety disorder has many types and if you want to check which you might have then take them one by one. You may also like to take anxiety test here